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Our services encompass the full spectrum of rice production, from nurturing paddy seedlings and precise transplanting to efficient harvesting and meticulous rice milling.

Nursery Farm

A paddy seedlings nursery is where rice’s journey begins, sprouting seeds into young plants for future transplantation.


Machines that efficiently transplant rice seedlings into fields, streamlining the planting process and reducing labor.


Modern small harvesting machines are compact, efficient tools designed to streamline crop gathering with minimal manual effort

Rice Milling

Rice milling machines are pivotal in transforming paddy into polished rice, ensuring the grains are milled to perfection and free from impurities


Paddy Fun

Experience the essence of traditional farming with our hands-on paddy transplanting program, where you can plant seedlings barefoot, connecting with nature.

Paddy Gallery

Our gallery offers an educational journey through the rice production process, showcasing the transformation from seed to rice in an interactive experience.

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